I am currently the Creative Manager for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I am responsible for guiding an in-house team of creative professionals, as well as working closely with brand management and stakeholders to deliver excellence in all things creative. Prior to entering the healthcare industry, I spent more than a decade working in the packaged goods, wholesale and retail industries with national brands such as TGI Fridays, Jamba Juice, Costco and Walmart.


My experience expands multiple mediums and channels. I have successfully completed  campaigns in the retail space, consumables, trade shows, healthcare, jewelry, children's book and comic book publishing. I have delivered print, web, and video assets in support of all of these endeavors. In short, if you need it- I've done it. If I can't do it myself, I know amazing and talented partners we can work with to make magic happen.



Thanks to the Healthcare Rap Podcast Crew for having me on.

I recently sat down to discuss the state of healthcare marketing through the lens of a creative. On their 1 year podcast anniversary, the team led us through a discussion looking at the past, present, and future of healthcare marketing. As always, I'm impressed by the thoughts these two gentlemen have on the state of the industry and I do my best to add to their insightful conversation. Thanks, gents!

Click here to listen to episode 51 – Our Podcastiversary


You can find an archive of all of the Healthcare Rap podcasts at


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